Cleaning Digesters

Following the contact of an entity for the recovery and treatment of municipal solid waste we were asked to clean two digesters of a CVO. Digesters have a high percentage of solid organic matter, but you can do the job effectively by using the Vacuum Cleaner and Excavator with a suction capacity up to 12 times faster.

During several weeks the work of removing the residues of the CVO was carried out by operators in a closed atmosphere and with high temperature.

They used all the necessary epi's including assisted respiration due to the environment inside the digester being constituted by gases, such as methane, sulfuric gas, carbon dioxide among others, nevertheless only carried out the work inside after measuring these parameters and being in ideal conditions to work safely.

This urban solid waste recovery and treatment company covers 2 Counties serving a population of 440,000 inhabitants in an area of ​​384 km2. In this way, through the Vacuum Cleaning and Excavation Truck when cleaning digesters, Pinto & Braz is also contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and health of the population.